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Here’s a great article on our surfing and my brother Kieran, who doesn’t let his hearing “impair” his attitude – or his surfing

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Eastern Surf Magazine ESM on Stand Up World Tour 3/14

Florida Virtual School Newsletter Student of the Week 1/14

Flomo Blog Support Grant Boys on StandUpWorldTour 1/14

Flomo Blog Summer Recap 2013 7-13

ESM Surfing America USA Championships 6-13

Flomo Blog NSSA East Coast Championships 4-13

Surfline NSSA East Coast Championships 4-13

ESM NSSA East Coast Championships 4-13

NSSA Blog NSSA East Coast Championships 4-13

ESM (Easter Surf fest) 4-13

Flomo Blog (Easter Surf fest) 4-13

Flomo Blog 3-13

SUP the mag 1-13

ESA website 11-12

Standup Journal 10-12

Flomo Blog 10-12

Flomo Blog 9-12

Flomo Blog 9-12

ESM 7-12

Flomo Cali  7-12

WP Observer 6-12

Chris Birch 6-12

Flomo BirdMan 6-12

CFL-ESA Blog 4-12

Flomo Profile 4-12


Hometown RonJon 4-12

Flomo Blog 3-12

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