My adventure in Morocco

So exciting to have made it to Morocco for the “Location X” Mirleft Pro stop of The Stand Up World Tour. This trip immediately followed our event in France, The LaToure Pro. We flew directly out of Paris and into the northwest of Africa, where we were treated to an awesome time and were blown away by the macking surf on tap! I made great new friends and made lifetime memories, as well as getting to surf the Best Waves Of My Life! Stoked to make it to the QuarterFinals! Thank you to the StandUpWorldTour and all of the event sponsors for making this such an epic event! Thanks to all my friends and family back home and to my awesome sponsors! Special thanks to Brandi and Tony for making sure I brushed my teeth and getting me to bed on time! Enjoy some killer pics from Mirleft Pro


Round 3 at La Torche Pro

fisher in france

Hey y'all I'm in Paris - en route to the La Torche Pro - Stand Up World Tour

Hey y’all I’m in Paris – en route to the La Torche Pro – Stand Up World Tour

WWII Bunker

WWII Bunker


my turnpike billboard

fisher grant goes to church

Sultans of Sweep

never the roar

Here’s a great article on our surfing and my brother Kieran, who doesn’t let his hearing “impair” his attitude – or his surfing

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